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When to Apply
Information Provided by Kaplan Test Prep

During the 1980's when the number of law school applicants exploded, law schools made a number of adjustments that affect how you apply for admission. The two changes that have the most affect on you and your application schedule are the shift to rolling admissions and the lengthening of the admissions process - it now extends from October through the following spring.

The Best Time to Apply

Generally, law schools send out application forms in August and September; begin accepting applications in October; and start mailing acceptance letters by November. While accepted applicants are notified beginning in November, most law schools do not mail out rejection letters until January. Application deadlines may still be in February or March; but because the schools have begun filling their classes in the fall, it is not unusual for more than 75 percent of the anticipated acceptance letters to have been sent by the spring deadline date.

Applying early provides you with three major advantages:

1. Credentials are evaluated more carefully later in the process.
2. The later you apply, the tougher the competition.
3. Your application will look fresher.

KAPLAN QUICK TIP: Begin planning your application and getting yourself ready financially 15-18 months before you hope to register for classes.

Plan Ahead

Some pre-law advisors and even a few admissions officers dispute the importance of early applicants - and at a few schools, there may be no special advantage. Law schools are almost always open to exceptional applicants and sometimes will admit someone well after the deadline if there's space in the class.

A few schools will routinely accept applications up until a week or two before classes start. But these are exceptions. You increase the risk of not having your application fully considered if you submit it right at the deadline. If you want to complete all of your applications by late November, your planning should begin five or six months before that.


  • Consult lawyers, law students, books, software and advisors for information on law schools.

  • Register for the June LSAT*.
  • Get a copy of the LSDAS Registration and Information Book. Open a file with LSDAS.
  • Buy the Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools.

  • Think about the theme of your application. How would you like the admissions committees to identify you?
  • Write and rewrite your personal statement.
  • Compile your list of schools. Visit as many as you can.
  • Send for catalogs, applications, and financial aid forms.
  • Prep for the October test.
One year before law school begins.

  • Choose recommenders and, if possible, arrange a meeting. Get all necessary info to them two months in advance.
  • Take the LSAT.
  • Revise your personal statement. Have friends and colleagues read it.

  • Complete and mail applications. Mail your matching forms to LSDAS.
  • Keep copies of everything you send.
  • Remind your recommenders of deadlines, if necessary.
  • Apply for financial aid. Complete the FAFSA no earlier than January 1st but no later than the campus and/or state deadline.
  • Submit any forms required by your school's financial aid office.

  • Receive award letter and, if necessary, consider educational loans to bridge the gap between financial aid awarded and total educational expenses.
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