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Role of the LSAT and GPA
Information Provided by Kaplan Test Prep

Admissions committees look at your LSAT* score and your GPA to determine if you have the academic ability to succeed in law school.


Your LSAT score is a crucial factor in determining where you go to law school or if you go at all. In fact, at many schools, your LSAT accounts for more than 50% of the admissions decision.


Admissions committees use your LSAT score as a measurement of the skills that are essential for success as a first-year law student. A high LSAT will validate a good GPA or help boost a weaker record. On the other hand, a low score can call into question your true abilities and draw attention to other weak areas of your application.


Your GPA is very important in the admissions decision. However, remember that you are not judged by your GPA alone. Law Schools will analyze your progression, any patterns, and level of difficulty of coursework. They seek to determine your intellectual ability, drive, and motivation to succeed. Some schools will assign weights to your undergraduate institution and your coursework. It is also not unusual for admissions officers to take the time to review course offerings at your college.

The law schools to which you apply will receive your transcripts from LSDAS. So, if the application asks you for your GPA, be honest. If you are displeased with your undergraduate performance, you can address it later in your personal statement.

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